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Get to know us - Vitail

Our Story

We are life-long animal lovers and dog owners who believe life is best lived with a joyful heart and in harmony with nature.  

We have experienced the indescribable joy of having dogs in our lives.  We think our connection with our pups is primal, in our DNA, and the same is true of our pals’ love for us.  You can see and feel it.  You know, like when they stare at you lovingly as if to say, “you are my everything”.  Their out-of-control excitement when you get home when, in reality, you just walked to the mailbox. Or, that first hug and kiss of the day when they shake and moan how good it is to be loved by you. We’ve also experienced the heavy heart that comes when your best pal’s health fades, leaving you longing for those days that were filled with curiosity, boundless energy and wonder.  

We experienced the health benefits and improved quality of life with the help of supplements.  After losing Queso, our yellow lab, we realized that we had the knowledge and ability to help pets remain healthy, happy and active lives full of vitality. So, we created Vitail, a true science-based supplement that facilitates and promotes a long and healthy life for our pups. 

We believe owning a pet comes with awesome responsibility in return for their unconditional love and a life dedicated to our joy. That’s why we are so very proud to offer Vitail supplements to support and promote your pal’s active life, good health and longevity because there are tails to chase!

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