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Supercharge your dog's mobility and obliterate joint pain now!

Vitail™ Hip + Joint relieves hip and joint discomfort in dogs for boundless mobility and vitality.

Promotes muscle strength & repair

Supports cartilage, joint and tendon development

Enhanced joint flexibility and mobility

Supports normal inflammation response

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5 benefits of Vitail Hip + Joint supplements for your pup


Enhanced flexibility and mobility

Vitail™ Hip + Joint chews are formulated with quality ingredients that work synergistically to support healthy joint function. By lubricating joints and supporting cartilage, these chews enhance flexibility and reduce discomfort, allowing your dog to move more freely and enjoy daily activities with ease.


Enhanced Muscle Strength and Repair

With essential amino acids like MSM and HMB, Vitail™ Hip + Joint chews promote muscle growth and repair. This is particularly beneficial for active or aging dogs, as it helps maintain muscle mass and strength, supporting overall mobility and vitality. Regular use of these chews can contribute to your dog's physical well-being and ensure they remain active and agile.


Alleviates Joint Pain and Discomfort

Vitail™ Hip + Joint chews soothe joint pain and reduce discomfort. This is particularly beneficial for dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia or other joint-related conditions. By easing pain, your dog can enjoy a better quality of life and engage in regular activities with less discomfort.



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Comprehensive Support for Joint and Tendon Development:

Vitail™ Hip + Joint chews provide comprehensive support for joint and tendon development. By nurturing the growth and maintenance of these essential structures, these chews help ensure your dog's joints remain strong and resilient, reducing the risk of injury and supporting long-term mobility.


All-Natural Bliss for Your Pup

Vitail™ Hip + Joint chews include Glucosamine HCL and Chondroitin Sulphate for joint flexibility, Green-Lipped Mussel for inflammation management, MSM for cartilage health, HMB for muscle function, ProDura for gut health, L-Glycine for tissue integrity, and Omega 3 for anti-inflammatory benefits.

Together, these ingredients ensure your dog stays active and healthy, enjoying a comfortable and mobile life.



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"I've been giving these hip and joint chews to my 7-year-old golden retriever for a few months now, and I've definitely seen a positive difference. My furry friend moves more comfortably and gets up with ease. I'm really pleased with this product!"

— Julian

The Most Incredible Treats I've Ever Tasted!

These have worked wonders with my old lab. He has had issues with his hips and these have helped him show improvement with mobility.

Ninny T

My pup has some hip issues (old age) but after using these we have seen a tremendous change in his activity and he seems to be happier overall!! Highly recommend!

Blake H

My dogs seem to absolutely love these vitamins! I just sit it in their food at breakfast/dinner and they don’t seem to notice it’s even there!


rated 4.97/5 from 30+ reviews

Vitail Hip + Joint Chews

Vitail™ Hip + Joint chews have been intentionally formulated with quality ingredients to help maintain your best friend’s healthy joint function and support normal muscle strength and repair. Made with quality amino acids which include Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Green Lipped mussel, MSM and HMB, our chews are designed to support your dog’s mobility to help them enjoy all the daily routines you’ve built together!





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