maybe your dog is stressed, because you are stressed

From squirrels running all over the place to thunderstorms to that rogue skateboarder who cannot perfect a kickflip but can perfect his board clanging across the sidewalk… there’s a lot of things that can stress out your dog. That's why we created Vitail™ Calming.

But dogs aren’t the only ones stressed these days. Stress is having a field day with the human species, too! And studies show that when you’re stressed, your pup can get stressed. So while many of us chose to become pet parents to alleviate stress, we might be adding it onto our furry friends.

Managing stress is tricky. Mayo Clinic recommends getting active, practicing meditation, and giving “laughter yoga” a try. All things our pups would certainly enjoy being around. 

Like us, sometimes finding their peace of mind is easier said than done. Even after trying to be more active, new healthy habits, and frustratingly trying one solution after another. Gah! Even the Rick Rubin of Lagotto Romagnolos doesn’t achieve that level of peace overnight.  

We understand that a stressed dog can be a cause of concern for any pet parent, and we are here to help with a solution that is both safe and effective. Introducing Vitail™ Calming Chew for Dogs, designed to help soothe and relax your furry friend during times of stress and anxiety. 

What we’ve found is that the best calming chew for a Aussiepoo like Nori is also the best calming supplement for a Labrador, Golden Retriever, and the cutest Shepherd-Mix rescue on the face of the planet. They all have one thing in common — they love you with all their big little hearts. So even with the highest quality chew as our M.O., we added our signature amino acids to add a dash of longevity for our fav pups.

Since we perfected premium dog supplements, we assumed that human chews couldn't be all that hard — just totally different active ingredients. For launch day, April 1st, 2023, we're proud to share KUSH, a one-of-a-kind gummy for dog parents to find their calm alongside their pup.