GUT HEALTH 101 - Understanding Prebiotics, Probiotics and the Ongoing Health of Your Best Friend

GUT HEALTH 101 - Understanding Prebiotics, Probiotics and the Ongoing  Health of Your Best Friend
An introduction to Gut Health
To most of us walking on two legs, the importance of gut health is only now
beginning to grab our attention. As for the importance of our dog’s gut
health, it’s fair to see that is something few of us have ever even pondered. 

Gut health has become the colloquially accepted term now being used to
describe the health of our digestive (GI) systems or in this case,  your dog’s
digestive tract. Why the focus all of a sudden? Because research continues
to confirm that a healthy GI system is critical to all-important immune

Gut flora, or good bacteria, as well as secretions in the GI tract are what help
protect the digestive tract. Literally billions of microorganisms (bacteria and
yeast, both good and bad) live in your dog’s digestive system. This group,
collectively called the microbiome, when in balance,  provides many benefits
to your dog’s overall well-being. They include: 
  • Improved food digestion
  • Protection from harmful organisms
  • Enhancement of the immune system
To understand gut health further, it is essential to recognize the significant
difference between and importance of prebiotics and probiotics. 

PREBIOTICS explained
Prebiotics are certain key fibers that, when ingested, pass through the
digestive tract. They act as a food source for the healthy flora of the
intestines. Ingesting supplements that contain carefully curated prebiotics
will help make sure that healthy GI flora thrives from this much desired food
source. Keep in mind that not all fiber sources act as effective prebiotics. 

Understanding PROBIOTICS
Consisting of live beneficial microorganisms, probiotics are nutritional
supplements that, when given in appropriate amounts, help ensure that the
microbiome remains balanced. As you might expect, there are multiple
species of prebiotics. 

Probiotics  become ultra important, particularly when your dog’s
microbiome is thrown out of balance. That can easily occur for an array of
easy-to-understand factors including, but certainly not limited to
medication, changes in diet, illness and stress.  Ingesting probiotic
supplements can actively establish and support as well as re-establish a
microbiome acting at peak efficiency.

The magic of combining PRE and PRO
Prebiotics act as a vital food source for probiotics. When taken in tandem,
the benefits even can go far beyond the immune system. Prebiotics help
empower probiotics to help your dog to battle gastrointestinal issues, poor
nutrient absorption, hormonal disorders, the impact of medication...even
overall dental health and the side effect of bad breath.  It is definitely worth
noting that good gut health is often accompanied by increased energy, a
more positive demeanor and at times, even greater mobility. 

In conclusion
Everyday, science further confirms the importance of gut health.
Responsible dog owners are encouraged to be sure that the ingestion           
of prebiotics and probiotics become a consistent part of their dog’s ongoing
journey to peak health. 

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