KUSH — Calming Chews for Pet Parents

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Maybe your dog is stressed because you are stressed

Vitail proudly introduces KUSH (Karma Uniting Spiritual Happiness). Our new KUSH Calming Chews for Dog Parents are simply the perfect calming gummy for pet parents who take care of themselves so they can always be there to take care of their (perfect angel) dog. 

De-stress so you can be your best. And don’t worry, as always, we’ve got your dog covered.

Because there are tails to chase!

Gut Health featured active ingredients

VitailGut Health is formulated using amino acids that have been shown to support healthy guy function and repair. By combining these amino acids with other natural sources Vitail™ Gut Health can maintain your best friend health from the inside out. 

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Skin Health + Seasonal Allergy featured active ingredients

Vitail Skin Health + Seasonal Allergy Health product is a combination of amino acids and botanicals that have demonstrated support for normal skin health and seasonal allergy relief.

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zero grains

amino acids